In September, I made a fun mix (that includes some music from friends) for the Voice of Cassandre blog. The mix will stream on mixcloud in mid-November and play on UK radio Thursdays and Saturdays throughout November. Check out basic.fm .

MANY COLORS : BASIC FM MIX N° 8 by The Voice Of Cassandre on Mixcloud

Here’s the track listing (with start time):

Chamakay by Blood Orange (0:00)
What You Need by Kimann Foxman (4:15)
Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira (9:49)
A Certain Person by Light Asylum (13:55)
One Second of Love by Nite Jewel (18:19)
Bums and Beggars by Lovers and Reflections (22:20)
Vowels = Space and Time by Grimes (26:44)
Post Physical by Pictureplane (31:00)
No Goodbyes by Many Colors (35:10)
Apollonian by Vensaire (39:43)
Family of the Son by Keepaway (43:48)
Night Life by The Present (47:57)
Counting by Autre Ne Veut (52:46)
Climax by Usher (56:24)
Caramel (Big Digits Remix feat. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk) by Pure Sunray (1:00:14)