Next Nikki

Many Colors producing Next Nikki (Jeremy Parker and Cat Hartwell) tracking session at Headgear with Nick Smeraski engineering. October 2011.

I recently went into Headgear to produce a couple of tracks for Next Nikki, which is the project of Jeremy Parker (Tha Pumpsta, Jamstation, Durty Nana’s) and Cat Hartwell (Fannypack, Holy Hail).  These tracks are bumpin!  We tracked the main vocals in the live room with some backgrounds and added live bass and Rhodes.  Light Asylum’s Bruno Coviello was on the keys and T added live bass and some background vocals.  I can already hear the direction of the tracks.  Now, it’s all about editing the overdubs to something more succinct and compelling. Soon, we’ll do some live drum tracking and then it’s all about more overdubs, editing, tweaking, and final mixing.  I can’t wait to hear the results, but I’ll let you know what’s happening along the way.

In the meantime, the Many Colors debut EP is in round 2 of mastering.  So, that little baby is on it’s way.  Sweet relief!!!  xo

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