Peaks and Valleys video

Wowza!  Yowza!  I feel as though it’s been non-stop since February!  My brother, Chuck, was in Brooklyn in early March.  He’s a barber and gave me a sweet little design before the UStream performance at the MTV Skins office.  Then, our friends from San Francisco, Katie Davis and Jessie, visited and we had a nice little dinner party.  Jessie is about to design a restaurant in SF with the people’s from Tartine Bakery.  I can’t remember all of the details, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.  Pretty cool because he is the sweetest guy and, undoubtedly, a talented artist and designer.  At the party, I was excited to see everyone! Then, Nick and Frank from Keepaway showed up for some grubbin’.  A few of us went to Veronica’s Peoples Club afterwards.  I don’t drink that much, but I got all kinds of tipsy on a school night.  May I mention that this little par-tay was a joint venture….a party for Katie and a thematic dinner party for Dam Markson and Marisa Wu.  Dam and Marisa throw these roving, intimate dinner parties at a different place each time!  The theme that night was Fat Tuesday!  So, it was all about bacon.  I haven’t gone yet, but Dam also throws a party on Wednesdays called Swag at The Woods in Williamsburg.  It’s a mixed crowd with a focus on DANCING!

Then, my buddy, Francesca Nocera flew in from Toronto with Ayo Leilani to shoot a sweet little video for Peaks and Valleys.  Francesca and Leilani are co-directors of the collective 88 Days of Fortune and they’re throwing a big event on an island in June of 2011.  The day after the shoot, I left for Pennsylvania to take some photos of my mom getting married and to hang with some family!  I’m toasted, but I’m back in Brooklyn and it’s back to work at Headgear and everything else.  Headgear’s been crazy busy!  Male Bonding came in to mix, then Cymbals Eat Guitars started tracking for their upcoming LP.  Both bands worked with the amaaazing John Agnello.  Yesterday was a cool Ugandan organization called The Mirembe Project tracking some songs.  Oh! How could I forget!?!   I’ve been helping my friend, Alice Cohen (Olde English Spelling Bee) track some basics for her upcoming release.  It’s aliens, meets renaissance, meets Cocteau Twins, meets 70’s and 80’s TV theme song PLUS Oberheim and Linn drum.  It’s crazy, but crazy good!