Many Colors on MTV’s Skins

It’s been a crazy week.  I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I think from the anxiety of the previous week, so I’m a little tired, but inspired.

Last night Many Colors performed for a live web stream at MTV for the show SKINS on the same night that “Peaks and Valleys” was played in episode 107 called “Michelle”.  Everyone was so nice at the MTV office and I met Rachel Thevenard (who plays Michelle) and some production crew.  Can you believe I haven’t even watched the episode yet? [Update: I finally saw the episode.  My favorite so far.  Rachel’s acting was on point!]

John and Lea of SRI backed me up with music.  Many thanks to them because it was a last minute deal getting the stripped down performance together.  I don’t know if anyone really had any idea how incredibly nervous I had been for that performance and, you know, that’s probably not something I should mention. But, it’s true, as I never thought I’d finish the song(s) let alone play live.  Writing these songs was something I had to do for myself as a life’s goal.  Creating songs, is something I think I will always do.  I really thank Matt F.X. for being my little spark plug and impetus to finish these songs more quickly and thanks to my Headgear buddies for helping me out.  “Peaks and Valleys” really was a big deal and totally symbolic in my life as a real breakthrough and I’m talking in ways beyond music and ego.

Many people have had great times and hard times.  Many people have beauty and flaws in them.  I’m just the same.  “Peaks and Valleys” was written after I hit a clearing away from dark times, while reflecting on my past and transitioning into a more authentic lifestyle, doing things I actually enjoyed and wanted to do.  I was trying to see light and find inspiration in a human existence of ups-and-downs.  The song was about so many things.. a loved one trying to kick a toxic addiction, a message to  myself to give music a real go, an homage to Kate Bush’s song “Cloudbusting”, and as a universal message to dear friends and strangers.  I hope it doesn’t seem as though I take myself too seriously or that I may seem self important.  I’m really just being sincere.

xo j