29 Jan

Alice COhen Looking Glass

I co-produced the upcoming album Into the Grey Salons with the legendary Alice Cohen. Other contributions on the album come from Autre Ne Veut, Bryce Hackford and Bryan Ujueta of Mr Twin Sister. We recorded mostly in Alice’s home studio and tracked some drum, percussion and piano overdubs at Saltlands Studio with engineer Jim Smith. Mixing took place at Vacation Island Recording with Matt Boynton.

Here’s a link to Impose Magazine‘s premiere of “Looking Glass”.

Here’s another link to a multi-media presentation of “Looking Glass” on New Hive.


1 Nov


In September, I made a fun mix (that includes some music from friends) for the Voice of Cassandre blog. The mix will stream on mixcloud in mid-November and play on UK radio Thursdays and Saturdays throughout November. Check out .

MANY COLORS : BASIC FM MIX N° 8 by The Voice Of Cassandre on Mixcloud

Here’s the track listing (with start time):

Chamakay by Blood Orange (0:00)
What You Need by Kimann Foxman (4:15)
Everything is Embarrassing by Sky Ferreira (9:49)
A Certain Person by Light Asylum (13:55)
One Second of Love by Nite Jewel (18:19)
Bums and Beggars by Lovers and Reflections (22:20)
Vowels = Space and Time by Grimes (26:44)
Post Physical by Pictureplane (31:00)
No Goodbyes by Many Colors (35:10)
Apollonian by Vensaire (39:43)
Family of the Son by Keepaway (43:48)
Night Life by The Present (47:57)
Counting by Autre Ne Veut (52:46)
Climax by Usher (56:24)
Caramel (Big Digits Remix feat. “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk) by Pure Sunray (1:00:14)


6 Aug

Alice SL

After spending time tracking with Alice Cohen in her home studio, we went into Saltlands Studio and did some live drums and other overdubs tracking with engineer Jim Smith and drummer Bryan Ujueta from Twin Sister. Currently, we’re editing and overdubbing before mixing.

Alice SL 2


23 Jul

Alice Cohen is featured in Interview Magazine, which premieres a remix of her song “Cascading Keys” by Casimer & Casimir from Cohen’s full-length album PINK KEYS (Crinoline, Olde English Spelling Bee).  Pink Keys was largely recorded by myself and Alice working closely in her home studio over many months.  The tracks were then taken to Headgear recording for mixing with Chris Moore (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer, Suckers) with additional backing tracks sung by Autre Ne Veut and percussion played by Thor Harris of Swans.

Listen to Pink Keys now :)


21 May

Over several months, I worked closely with Alice Cohen at her home, engineering a large majority of the tracking for “Pink Keys”, which was eventually mixed at Headgear recording studio with Chris Moore. You can pre-order the vinyl through Olde English Spelling Bee.  The official release date is June 12, 2012. Check out the Pitchfork review of the track “Cascading Keys” and watch the music video debut on The Quietus.  I can’t wait to hear the rest!

Peaks and Valleys EP released

29 Nov


Next Nikki

31 Oct

Many Colors producing Next Nikki (Jeremy Parker and Cat Hartwell) tracking session at Headgear with Nick Smeraski engineering. October 2011.

I recently went into Headgear to produce a couple of tracks for Next Nikki, which is the project of Jeremy Parker (Tha Pumpsta, Jamstation, Durty Nana’s) and Cat Hartwell (Fannypack, Holy Hail).  These tracks are bumpin!  We tracked the main vocals in the live room with some backgrounds and added live bass and Rhodes.  Light Asylum’s Bruno Coviello was on the keys and T added live bass and some background vocals.  I can already hear the direction of the tracks.  Now, it’s all about editing the overdubs to something more succinct and compelling. Soon, we’ll do some live drum tracking and then it’s all about more overdubs, editing, tweaking, and final mixing.  I can’t wait to hear the results, but I’ll let you know what’s happening along the way.

In the meantime, the Many Colors debut EP is in round 2 of mastering.  So, that little baby is on it’s way.  Sweet relief!!!  xo


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